PRADEC Interdisciplinary Conference Proceedings

Volume 2 issue 1
Paper Author
Needfulness and challenges of internationalisation and involvement of international environmental NGOs in University research and education: The lessons learned from nuclear waste management sector research projects Peter Mihok 1
The vocation of the university and the anti-reason of bureaucracy. On the negative aspects of the internationalization of higher education in Poland Piotr Nowak 2
Some remarks on position of humanities in the internationalized higher education Damir Barbarić 3
Internationalisation of PhD Education in Metrology Ljupco Arsov, Marija Cundeva-Blajer 4
Quality Assurance and the necessary rationale behind internationalisation. The case of ESB Business School, Reutlingen University Hazel Gruenewald 5
Ukrainian educational reform: A bridge between past and future Gennadii Pervyi 6
International student mobility as a factor of the European integration of Ukrainian youth Dmytro Kolisnyk 7
Internationalization of higher education in Slovenia: Cross-border perspective Valentina Jošt Lešer 8
International cooperation in building a world-class university - The case of Belarusian State University S. Ablameykо, M. Zhuravkov, V. Samokhval, A. Polonnikov 9
Aspects of internationalization of Higher Education Institutions in Poland Elżbieta Janczyk-Strzała, Jarosław Tomaszewski 10
Rationales of internationalization: Rethinking academic mobility Vera Zabotkina 11
The support of academic mobility of students in the Slovak Republic Zuzana Gazdackova, Lucia Hupkova 12
Modern realities of internationalization of higher education in Georgia Alexander Sichinava, Medea Chikava, Shota Veshapidze, Dali Sekhniashvili, Nino Pailodze 13
Internationalization of education system of Kazakhstan in conditions of transformation: Evaluating concepts, challenges and strategies Aislu Tassimova 14
Aspects of internationalization in hgher education Alexander Sichinava, Olga Khutsishvili, Irma Kutsia, Nino Pailodze, Tea Khutsishvili, George Sulashvili 15

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