PRADEC Interdisciplinary Conference Proceedings

Volume 2 issue 2
Paper Author
The analysis of existing models and the ways of improvement of innovative projects and management processes V. Yashin, Alexander Semenov 1
The role of public-private partnership for effective technology transfer Albena Vutsova 2
Technology of polytetrafluoroethylene-based nanocomposite materials: Structural and morphological aspect Victor Voropaev 3
Physical prerequisites for formation of active centers of nanosize particles Valery Liopo 4
Integration principle in developing regional innovation clusters Olga Avdeychik 5
Developing of "delayed risks" in regional innovative production Olga Avdeychik 6
A case of technology transfer in Macedonia Nattacia Dabescki, Suzana Trajkovska Kochankovska, Rozita Talevska Hristovska 7
Thin film nanophase and nanocomposite fluorine-containing wear inhibitors Yauheni Auchynnikau 8
Physical principles of nanoscale criterion selection for disperse particles Valery Liopo 9
Temperature restrictions at generation of the second harmonica of powerful lasers in periodically polarized gradient crystals of LiNbO3 V. Galutskiy, E. Stroganova, Alexey Kozin, S. Shmargilov, N. Yakovenko 10
Features of cultivation of the microalgae Chlorella when receiving biofuel Alexander Khudokormov, Andrey Samkov, Nikita Volchenko, Dmitry Perevyazka, Anna Dubina 11
The market future of automated price parsing systems for the electric power Elena Zhuravleva, Lolita Petrova, Roman Butko 12
Innovative component when developing design for the third generation self-destructing syringe with a small dead volume Elena Zhuravleva, Natalya Procuk 13
Energy savings at the induction method of grain drying Aybek Atykhanov, A. Sagyndikova 14
Benthic microbial fuel cell in freshwater bottom sediments Andrey Samkov, Nikita Volchenko, Maria Veselovskaya, Alexander Kalashnikov, Alexander Khudokormov 15
Environmental biotechnology and bio-energy studies in Kuban State University Nikita Volchenko, Alexander Khudokormov, Andrey Samkov, Sergey Karasev, Maria Veselovskaya, Alexander Kalashnikov, Emma Karaseva 16
Complex processing of brown coals of Ukraine as the mean of improving investment attractiveness of the industry Elena Gladun, Aleksandr Belov 17
Covering of conductors can aid in problems related to room-temperature superconductivity Delik Gabaev 18
Export potential of Georgian hazelnut Rusudan Kutateladze, Lela Kochlamazashvili, Sandro Kandashvili 19
Peculiarities of economic development on the basis of innovation and innovation potential Allahyar Muradov, Rahim Huseynov 20

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