Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business

Volume 3
Paper Author
Ethical challenges of the globalization process Branko Balj, Radenko Maric 1
Innovation co-operation modes in Hungarian chemical industry Beatrix Lanyi 2
Knowledge-intensive business services: A brief overview Katalin Dobrai, Ferenc Farkas 3
Evaluation of innovation activities of small and medium-sized businesses in Slovak Republic Eva Sopkova, Silvia Kostiviarova 4
A comparative estimation of the country regions’ development state Sviatlana Baliuk 5
The analysis of the current state in the regional innovative system Tatiana Morozova 6
Modern aspects of public private partnership Milos Milosavljevic, Sladjana Benkovic 7
Institutional conditioning for the diversification process of economy Galina Nemchenko, Yuriy Tokarev 8
Effects of global crisis on structural policies and financial regulations: The comparison of OECD economies Abdullah Burhan Bahce, Yusuf Karaaslan 9
Underlying trends in employment-output equation: the case of Jordan Arqam Al-Rabbaie, Ahmad Alwaked, Yaseen Altarawneh 10
Influence of a government investment policy in the modern neoclassical economic theory Vladimir Shatrevich 11
The structure of the total capital requirement after the implementation of Capital Requirements Directive in the Polish banking system Edward Wiszniowski 12
Tax system performance in the Republic of Serbia Djordje Cuzovic 13
Fiscal stimulations for improving the business environment in Republic of Macedonia Stevan Gaber 14
The mechanism of pricing adjustment and tendencies of its development in Uzbekistan Sergey Voronin 15
The influence of national economic development on the real estate market of Latvia Didzis Admidins, Janis Zvanitajs 16
Subcontracting principles of interaction between enterprises of different sizes at a regional level Eugeny Krasavin 17
Intelligent data analysis - support for development of SMEs sector Grljevic Olivera, Sasa Bosnjak, Zita Bosnjak 18
Conditional risk measure modeling for Latvian insurance companies Jekaterina Kuzmina, Gaida Pettere, Irina Voronova 19
Insolvency probability in reinsurance treaty: a case study in Malaysia Noriszura Ismail, Ansar Asnawi Ahmad Anuar 20
Prospects of development of electronic services in the Latvian insurance market Svetlana Polovko 21
Implementation of the concession in developing the Uzbekistan transport infrastructure Murat Ikramov, Azamat Zokhidov 22
Consumer behavior towards show-room services of two wheelers with reference to Cuddalore district S. Saravanan, N. Panchanatham, S. Pragadeeswaran 23
The talent management and its usage at human resources management in enterprises Petra Horvathova 24
Role of behavioral and personality instruments in the improvement of team effectiveness in the organization Elena Suman 25
Balanced Scorecard in Serbia: Management innovation or rhetoric game Jasmina Bogicevic, Violeta Domanovic 26
Creating an innovative environment in total quality management system within companies Elizabeta Mitreva, Vesna Prodanovska 27
Development of management quality system for metallurgical enterprise based on Balanced Scorecard with limiting factors Alexander Pesin, Viktor Salganik, Galina Ledneva 28
The role of intangible assets in value creation: case of Russian companies Tatiana Garanina 29
Ethnic marketing possibilities and its ethics issues Annamaria Sas, Agota Kozma 30
Simulation in inventory management Aleksandra Marcikic, Boris Radovanov 31
Asset approach to IT cost management in industrial companies Anatoly Kazantcev, Margarita Andreeva 32
Production planning development and paradigm integration Vladimir Shmakov, Alexander Pesin, Viktor Salganik, Viktor Jludov, Galina Ledneva 33
Migration flows management in Latvia Inga Shina 34
The characteristics of poverty in Serbia Dobrodolac Tinde 35
Some aspects of effective management of the labor market in Kazakhstan Guljan Alimbekova, Alya Ilyasova 36
Development of the infrastructure of rural labor market in Uzbekistan Komiljon Khomitov 37
Socially responsible business formation in Ukraine Valentina Shapoval 38
Corporate social responsibility in Kazakhstan: problems and perspectives Roza Zharkynbayeva 39
Approaches to the estimation of quality of the life of population of Uzbekistan in conditions of liberalization of economy Sirajiddin Berdikulov, Gulnora Gulyamova, Dmitry Trostjanskij 40
Methodology of nomadic culture research: problems and innovations Aimkul Erzhanova 41
Informational technologies in modern Kazakhstan's education: the innovative potential Irina Zaitseva 42
Reformatting the hard drive of South African education for the knowledge economy Jason Davis 43
Innovations in education system as a condition of economic development Mira Maulsharif 44
Market relations in education as the factor, which has impact on the quality of human capital Valentina Pavlovska 45
State partnership with non-commercial organizations in the Kazakhstan Zubirash Smagulova 46
The benefits of advanced traffic management received by the urban users Daniela Koltovska, Kristi Bombol 47
Researching the possibilities of the pectolytic ensyme biosynthesis with the aspergillus species of microscopic fungi Kiro Mojsov 48
Theoretical basing of endoprosthesis replacement for paracolostomal and ven-tral hernias Kairat Shakeyev, Sergey Zhitnicov, Konstantin Fazylov 49

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