Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business

Volume 19 issue 1
Paper Author
Voice and accountability and information technology for Latin America Florina Guadalupe Arredondo Trapero, Jose Carlos Vazquez Parra, Jorge De la Garza Garcia 1
Linking network centrality to performance revisit: understanding and dealing with simultaneity in the creation of soft innovation Jimmy H. T. Chan, Alan K. M. Au, Anthony Ko, Matthew Yeung 2
A socio-technical perception on the impact of project management software in logistics and distribution center: A case study in Saudi Arabia telecommunication company Ahmed Alojairi, Ali Bazarah, Abdullah Basiouni, Kang Mun Arturo Tan, Hafizi Muhamad Ali 3
Technological convergence in the life-science sector and its impact on research, business and R&D policies Malgorzata Runiewicz-Wardyn 4
Bibliographic review of the literature on business innovation, funding, and policy framework Edmund Mallinguh, Zeman Zoltan 5

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