Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business

Volume 5
Paper Author
Barriers and future policy directions to knowledge demand and absorption in South and East Bulgaria Statty Stattev, Mariana Kotzeva, Stela Raleva 1
Business functions approach to innovative and non-innovative business comparison in Latvia Sergejs Hilkevics, Dace Stefenberga 2
Strategies of value proposition on the Internet Tymoteusz Doligalski 3
Technology roadmapping in Hungary: Some practical observations Bela Pataki, Zsuzsanna Szalkai, Szilvia Biro-Szigeti 4
Priorities for the transition to innovation strategy in Kazakhstan Gaukhar Sakhanova 5
Challenges of organizational change in the case of Albanian exporting companies Doloreza Sinanaj, Petrit Dollani 6
Diversification of rural tourism through partnership approaches in Eastern Europe destination Mariya Stankova 7
Satisfaction of the employed in food businesses and success of food safety management system implementation Radoslav Grujic, Slavica Grujic, Pejo Durasinovic, Pero Pavlovic 8
Current state of the cotton and textile industry in Kazakhstan Gulfari Azhimetova 9
Some development perspectives for industrial sector in Uzbekistan Aktam Burkhanov 10
Issues of balanced development in Uzbekistan economy Erkin Shadmanov 11
Potential of production and trade of agricultural products in Uzbekistan Umidakhon Mukhitdinova 12
Withdrawal strategy for guaranteed lifelong withdrawal benefit option Gabriella Piscopo 13
The consequence of financial crises in Albanian insurance market Filloreta Madani, Edmira Cakrani 14
Investment factor of economic development in Uzbekistan Ravshan Yuldashev 15
Empirical analysis of alternative employment forms in Hungarian small and medium sized enterprises Iren Gyoker, Henrietta Finna 16
Enhancement of human performance with developing ergonomic workplace environment and providing work-life balance Henrietta Finna, Tamas Forgacs 17
Time allocation differences among human generations in Romania Nicoleta Caragea, Carmen Armstrong 18
Regional development - rural employment opportunities Tamas Forgacs 19
Telework organization model as method of development of disabled persons’ employment quality Tatjana Bileviciene, Egle Bileviciute 20
An alternative approach for child labour in developing countries: Child labour participation rates or school non-attendance rates Hakan Acaroglu, Ozcan Dagdemir 21
Determination and assessment of competitiveness of regional commodity markets Raisa Krasavina 22
Design of the regions’ economic development strategy Olga Patsuk 23
Cost planning as the tool of regulation of natural monopolies Raisa Adarina 24
Earnings benefit of the individuals with tertiary educational level versus the expansion of higher education Judit T. Kiss 25
Language learning - physiological and psychological aspects Dorina Tarnoveanu 26
Defining self-discipline as constituting the competitiveness of teacher Natalia Bekuzarova 27
Innovations as a development factor for the contemporary culture in Belarus Sviatlana Buloichyk 28
Monitoring and analyzing features of electrical power quality system performance Nike Shanku, Genci Sharko 29
Application of solid-state fermentation for cellulase enzyme production using Trichoderma viride Kiro Mojsov 30
Scientific-technological progress of Uzbekistan: problems and prospects Abror Azimov 31
Theoretical study of raw cotton transportation process on the submission and distribution device Xayridin Rakhmanov, Adyl Safarov 32

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