Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business

Volume 6
Paper Author
Selected features of New Economy and its impact on business management Marie Mikusova 1
Strategic vectors of food production development in Serbia in terms of the global crisis Ruzica Milovanovic 2
Implementation of new forms of transnational investments in the current conditions of globalization: case of the Republic of Uzbekistan Ubaydulla Nadirkhanov 3
The importance of TQM concept as a factor of competitive advantage of companies Stojanka Dakic 4
Creating multi-modal logistics centers: Prospect for development in Central Asia Nodir Jumaniyazov 5
Development of Kazakhstan in the context of globalization Gaukhar Sakhanova 6
Innovation policy of a country as a determinant of the development of innovation processes in Poland Krzysztof Janasz 7
Innovation processes in a financial intermediation sector in Poland Joanna Wisniewska 8
Understanding innovation drive of leading Serbian companies Viktorija Bojovic, Ljubomir Pupovac, Maja Strugar 9
Research into development potentialities of academic entrepreneurship in Poland Aneta Sokol 10
Land market in Albania: Unresolved property ownership rights Luciana Koprencka, Oltiana Muharremi 11
Linkage between online banking service quality and customers S. Baskar, M. Ramesh 12
Crisis threat and banking reform trends Piotr Masiukiewicz 13
How to encourage the financing of infrastructure building in Bosnia and Herzegovina? Zeljko Maric 14
Application of common knowledge and belief operators in case of disruptive technologies Aurimas Gircys 15
The role of investment in the efficiency of agriculture – case of Serbia Milos Tosin 16
Uzbek travel services industry and international comparison Mahbuba Alieva 17
EU regional trade vulnerabilities, liberalization and potential lessons for Uzbekistan trade reforms Nargiza Zufarova 18
Modern trends on development of cotton production and processing chain Uzbekistan Abdimumin Alikulov 19
The impact of organizational and economic factors on tourism development Bahodir Turaev 20
The models of prognosis of regional tourism’s development Bahodirhon Safarov 21
Reserves of diversification and growth of Uzbekistan export into the Czech Republic Kholnazar Amonov, Georgiy Khachiev 22
Business management by international accounting standards Jeno Beke 23
The model selection in the process of teambuilding for the management of the organization Sergey Petrov 24
Economic value added as a modern performance indicator Maja Ilic 25
Group preparedness for risk in the environment of social instability Natalja Mihejeva 26
A motivation for energy based poverty indicators Daniel De Haan, Marcel Kohler 27
Job satisfaction and demographic variables - is there any link? Mallika Neelamegam 28
The state control of migration in Uzbekistan and the some aspects of its further improvement Shukhrat Isakulov 29
Performance management and key performance indicators for higher education institutions in Serbia Ana Maria Serdar 30
Comparative analysis of the acquired clinical skills assessment of undergraduate medical students in a problem-based learning and traditional curricula Zdravka Radionova, Petkana Hristova 31
Determination of defect in rotor of induction machine by spectral analysis of stator phase current Astrit Bardhi, Ymer Luga, Myrteza Braneshi 32
Influence of modifying additives on the properties of dispersed phosphorites Khozrat Usmanov, Raisa Chernyakova, Umirzak Dzhusipbekov 33
Rational use of associated petroleum gas and benefits of electrostatic gas cleaning Valihan Bishimbaev, Fatima Ermahanova 34
Significance of the existing normative and technical documentation to promote ecologic safety Fatima Ermahanova 35
Impacts of the rehabilitation of drin river cascade on Albanian power system reliability Marialis Celo 36
Studying of consumer features of the enriched soured cream Klara Zharykbasova 37
Analysis of conditions and variants of cotton condensation Xayridin Rakhmanov 38

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