Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business

Volume 7
Paper Author
The global economic recession and the change in the macroeconomic paradigm Dragan Mihajlovic, Suzana Zivkovic 1
Devaluation as the instrument for recession overcoming in Bosnia and Herzegovina Zeljko Maric 2
Determinants of economic growth in South - East Europe: A panel data approach Marija Trpkova, Biljana Tashevska 3
What influences online shopping of individuals from European countries? Tino Kujundzic, Mario Jadric, Maja Cukusic 4
Application of common knowledge operator and disruptive thinking perspective in case of mobile operating system market Aurimas Gircys 5
Service quality in online marketing: Customers centric analysis P. Durkasree, M. Ramesh 6
A technology park as an institution that supports transfer of innovation and knowledge to the SME sector companies Aneta Sokol 7
Enhancing the competitiveness of tourism in the republic of serbia using the cluster model Biljana Stavljanin, Marinko Kresoja, Natasa Andric 8
Challenges and development guidelines of the service industry in Uzbekistan Bakhtier Safarov 9
The efficiency of public service obligation for food subsidy in Indonesia: Review of cost structure analysis Irwan Trinugroho, Sutomo, Asri Laksmi Riani 10
Utilization of intelligent methods and techniques for customer knowledge management Trninic Jelica, Grljevic Olivera, Ana Maria Serdar 11
Measuring effectiveness of internet advertisement Iskra Popova, Tanawat Tanglertpanya 12
Applying information technology elements in business: The case of Albania Nevila Baci, Silvana Martini, Erjon Zoto 13
Current researches of notion "creativity" in psychology and its relation to risk Natalja Mihejeva 14
Motivating the Nigerian academic and non-academic staff for sustainable higher education: Insights for policy options Austin N. Nosike, Nkasiobi S.Oguzor 15
Instructional Technologies and School Curriculum in Nigeria: Innovations and Challenges Jacinta A. Opara, Nkasiobi S.Oguzor 16
Forecasting by econometric models as support to management Tinde Dobrodolac Seregelj 17
The producing of lead and elemental sulfur by new technologies from galenite ores Boris Krstev, Alexandar Krstev, Dejan Krstev 18
Some hazardous appearances in flotation tailings dumps in domestic mines Blagoj Golomeov, Mirjana Golomeova, Boris Krstev, Alexandar Krstev 19
The effect of pectolytic enzyme treatments on red grapes mash of Vranec on grape juice yield Kiro Mojsov, Jugoslav Ziberoski, Zvonimir Bozinovic 20

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