Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business

Volume 9
Paper Author
Baltic and Asian tigers: The biotechnology sectors of Lithuania and India as sources of innovation and economic growth Vincentas Rolandas Giedraitis, Ausra Rasteniene, Hariharan Rajanbabu 1
Some methodological issues of Technology roadmapping experienced during consultancy Bela Pataki, Zsuzsanna Szalkai, Szilvia Biro-Szigeti 2
The dual role of information and communication technologies in enhancing service innovations Sanja Marinkovic, Maja Levi Jaksic 3
Phenomenon of Plenty: Theory and diagnosis Sergey Uzhegov 4
Investors’ perception on mutual funds with reference to Chidambaram town N. Geetha, M. Ramesh 5
Interest rate derivatives in developing countries in Europe Slobodan Cerovic, Marina Pepic 6
The role of informal sources of information in the Polish consumer market Jacek Wójcik, Tymoteusz Doligalski 7
Development of retail market in Serbia Gordana Radosavljević, Ljiljana Maksimović, Katarina Borisavljević 8
Process of innovation in product lifecycle management business strategy Valentina Gecevska, Franc Cus, Radmil Polenakovic, Paolo Chabert 9
The psychology of paradoxes: Knowledge sharing in order to minimize irrational and illogical behaviors in organizations and management John Oshodi 10
Innovation factors in Belgrade University library system Biljana Stosic, Adam Sofronijevic 11
Photovoltaic module V-I and P-V characterization through instrumentation control toolkit of MATLAB Genci Sharko, Nako Hobdari, Nike Shanku, Miranda Ekmekciu, Elton Dasho 12
Reduction of the thickness of the boundary film at rectification of hydrocarbonic mixes with application of dry distillation Zakirjan Salimov, Olim Abdurakhmonov, Shamshidinhuja Saydakhmedov, Maqsad Bobokhonov 13

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