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The impact of information and other factors on on-farm agrobiodiversity conservation: evidence from a duration analysis of Portuguese fruit growers A. Botelho, I. Dinis, L. Costa Pinto 1
Innovation and sectoral linkages in the agri-food system in the Valencian Community J. M. Garcia Alvarez-Coque, M. F. Alba, T. Lopez-Garcia Usach 2
Short communication. Economics of natural resources: in search of a unified theoretical framework C. Romero 3
Support system based on GIS and weighted sum method for drawing up of land suitability map for agriculture. Application to durum wheat cultivation in the area of Mleta (Algeria) M. Abdelkader, A. Delali 4
The effect of perennials as green manure on cereal productivity and disease incidence R. Skuodiene, R. Nekrosiene 5
Epigeic soil arthropod abundance under different agricultural land uses J. L. Perez-Bote, A. J. Romero 6
Oestrus synchronization in postpartum autumn-lambing ewes: effect of postpartum time, parity, and early weaning R. Ungerfeld, F. Sanchez-Davila 7
Genetic variability underlying maternal traits of Asturiana de la Montaña beef cattle J. A. Baro, C. Carleos, A. Menendez-Buxadera, A. Rodriguez-Castanon, J. Canon 8
Short communication. Differentiation of Type-I Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus vaccines and field strains by restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis F. Diez-Fuertes, A. Vazquez, L. Hornillos-Gumiel, I. Simarro, J. M. Castro, F. J. Martinez-Lobo 9
The effect of a high monounsaturated fat diet on body weight, backfat and loin muscle growth in high and medium-lean pig genotypes G. Mas, J. Soler, M. Llavall, J. Tibau, R. Roca, D. Coll, E. Fabrega 10
Chemical composition and digestibility of some browse plant species collected from Algerian arid rangelands S. Boufennara, S. Lopez, H. Bousseboua, R. Bodas, L. Bouazza 11
Effects of different levels of physically effective fibers in diets for cows in early lactation B. Stojanovic, G. Grubic, N. Djordjevic, D. Glamocic, A. Bozickovic, A. Ivetic 12
Effect of gender on growth performance, carcass traits and meat quality of calves of Avileña-Negra Ibérica breed A. Daza, A. I. Rey, C. Lopez Carrasco, C. J. Lopez-Bote 13
Short communication. Effect of forage source (grazing vs. silage) on conjugated linoleic acid content in milk fat of Holstein-Friesian dairy cows from Galicia (NW Spain) A.I. Roca-Fernandez, A. Gonzalez-Rodriguez, O. P. Vazquez-Yanez, J. A. Fernandez-Casado 14
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