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Impact of mInImally InvasIve surgery In the spectrum of current achalasIa treatment optIons I. Gockel, G. Sgourakis, D. G. Drescher, H. Lang 1
Learning curve of Laparoscopy-assisted gastrectomy using a standardized surgical technique and an estabLished educationaL system M. Tokunaga, N. Hiki, T. Fukunaga, A. Miki, S. Ohyama, S. Miyata, T. Yamaguchi 2
Surgical outcomes and prognostic factors for ampulla of Vater Cancer S.B. Choi, W.B. Kim, T.J. Song, S.O. Suh, Y.C. Kim, S.Y. Choi 3
Endoscopic snare resection followed by laser ablation in the treatment of large, sessile rectal adenomas A. Nesbakken, J. Kristinsson, A. Svindland, O.C. Lunde 4
The outcome of reduction mammaplasty is affected more by psychosocial factors than by changes in breast dimensions K. Saariniemi, T. Luukkaala, H. Kuokkanen 5
Impact of coronary artery bypass surgery on ischemic mitral regurgitation J. Mustonen, H. Suurmunne, J. Kouri, O. Pitkanen, T. Hakala 6
Management of cement vertebroplasty in the treatment of vertebral hemangioma V. Boschi, Z. Pogorelic, G. Gulan, Z. Perko, L. Grandic, V. Radonic 7
Fascial incision and adhesiolysis combined with radiofrequency microtenotomy in treatment of chronic midportion Achilles tendinopathy J. Sarimo, S. Orava 8
In-hospital treated pediatric injuries are increasing in Finland - a population based study between 1997 and 2006 J.S. Suominen, M.P. Pakarinen, S. Kaariainen, A. Impinen, E. Vartiainen, I. Helenius 9
From Home to Operation (FHTO) - a new surgical admission centre: does the comprehensive initialisation of a new process harm surgery outcome? J. Keranen, U. Keranen 10
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