Scandinavian Journal of Surgery

Sample volume 2
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Aclinical study on the resection of breast fibroadenoma using two typesof incision X.-F. Liu, J.-X. Zhang, Q. Zhou, F. Chen, Z.-M. Shao, C. Lu 1
A study ofsurgically resected peripheral non-small cell lung cancer with a tumordiameter of 1.0 cm or less T. Baba, H. Uramoto, T. Kuwata, S. Oka, Y. Shigematsu, Y. Nagata, H. Shimokawa, M. Takenoyama, T. Hanagiri, F. Tanaka 2
Results of asurgical resection for patients with thymic carcinoma M. Yasuda, T. Hanagiri, S. Oka, H. Uramoto, M. Takenoyama, K. Yasumoto 3
Adoption ofsingle incision laparoscopic cholecystectomy in small-volume hospitals:initial experiences of 51 consecutive procedures S. Lill, J. Karvonen, M. Hamalainen, V. Falenius, A. Rantala, J. Ovaska, J.M. Gronroos 4
Risk factorsfor conversion during laparoscopic cholecystectomy – experiences from ageneral teaching hospital H.J.J. van der Steeg, S. Alexander, S. Houterman, G.D. Slooter, R.M.H. Roumen 5
Clinicalimplications of the histologically and immunohistochemically detectedsolitary lymph node metastases in gastric cancer J. Griniatsos, E. Yiannakopoulou, H. Gakiopoulou, A. Alexandrou, N. Dimitriou, E. Felekouras, I. Karavokyros 6
Theimpact of fibrin glue in the prevention of failure after Nissenfundoplication T. Rantanen, P. Neuvonen, M. Iivonen, T. Tomminen, N. Oksala 7
Sigmoidostomy-relatedparastomal hernia T.-A. Wik, J.O.B. Hjorthaug, H.-O. Johannessen, E. Johnson 8
Translationand validation of the Norwegian version of the fecal incontinencequality-of-life scale T. Dehli, M. Martinussen, K. Mevik, A. Stordahl, Y. Sahlin, R.O. Lindsetmo, B. Vonen 9
Magneticresonance imaging of acute scrotum E. Makela, T. Lahdes-Vasama, P. Ryymin, V. Kahara, J. Suvanto, M. Kangasniemi, A. Kaipia 10
Latissimusdorsi free flap harvesting may affect the shoulder joint in long run S. Giordano, M. Kaariainen, J. Alavaikko, T. Kaistila, H. Kuokkanen 11
Elasticstable intramedullary nailing for pediatric long bone fractures:experience with 175 fractures D. Furlan, Z. Pogorelic, M. Biocic, I. Juric, D. Budimir, J. Todoric, T. Susnjar, D. Todoric, J. Mestrovic, K.P. Milunovic 12
Interactionbetween marrow-derived human mesenchymal stem cells and peripheralblood mononuclear cells in endothelial cell differentiation K. Joensuu, I. Paatero, J.J. Alm, K. Elenius, H.T. Aro, T.J. Heino, T.A. Hentunen 13
The capacityof the distal stump of peripheral nerve to receive growing axons aftertwo and six months denervation. An experimental study with rats H. Ronkko, H. Goransson, P. Siironen, H.-S. Taskinen, V. Vuorinen, M. Roytta 14

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