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Paper Author
Technological design – research and practice in the architectural project Maria Chiara Torricelli 1
Architectural Technology and Technological Planning Giorgio Giallocosta 2
Technology architecture: the discipline for the future definition of a manifesto Gabriella Peretti 3
Technological Design in a multidisciplinary, sensory, context Stephen Emmitt 4
Design in the educational process for architects and engineers Fabrizio Schiaffonati 5
Thoughts on basic training for the design: relationships with research innovations Rossana Raiteri 6
Simple Systems - Complex Capacities. Integrative Processes of Computational Morphogenesis in Architecture Achim Menges 7
The project as product of scientific research Mario Losasso 8
Evaluation of research and project: an interview with Andrea Bonaccorsi Mario Losasso 9
The university and design practice Saverio Mecca 10
The plan as a project comprehending its process Giuseppe Ridolfi 11
Industrial archaeology and suburbs: two cases of technological and environmental design Luciano Cupelloni 12
Architectural design and technology in safety critical buildings: an applied research Erminia Attaianese, Gabriella Duca 13
Tecnema Social Housing Alberto De Capua 14
Research and experimentation with technical textiles Alessandra Zanelli 15
Using Technology and Innovative Designs to Build Complex Architectural Envelopes Emily Carr 16
Building envelope innovation: smart facades for non residential buildings Marco Sala, Rosa Romano 17
Universities and planning activities Ernesto Antonini 18
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