Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment

Sample volume 2
Paper Author
Beyond the crisis. Optimism in research Maria Chiara Torricelli 1
The three revolutions (macro-micro-nano) that are changing the world Ezio Andreta 2
A Vision to 2020: Emerging challenges and opportunities for the Engineering and Construction Sector Arun Eapen 3
Investing in the territory: conditions, criticalities, resources, opportunities Claudio De Albertis 4
From Council Housing to Social Housing. The successes and misfortunes of Social Housing policies in Italy Ferdinando Terranova 5
Architectural technology for environmental design Fabrizio Schiaffonati, Elena Mussinelli, Matteo Gambaro 6
Urban energy efficiency: a breakthrough vs. the global crisis Roberto Pagani 7
Architectural quality: innovation, technological research and design Andrea Campioli 8
Does the market demand a different kind of research? Romano Del Nord 9
The crisis and the Social Housing chance Dora Francese, Claudio Grimellini, Cristian Filagrossi Ambrosino 10
Technological retrofit of existing buildings: dwelling quality, environmental sustainability, economic rising Mariangela Bellomo, Sergio Pone 11
Sustainability and strategies for ‘rebuilding’ abandoned territories Maria Cristina Forlani, Donatella Radogna 12
Unauthorised building as a factor in the recession. Analysis, strategies and plans for sustainable development Rosa Maria Vitrano 13
Energy producing capacity of the territory: considerations and a micro wind power case study Adriano Magliocco, Francesco Poggi 14
A sustainable building product: advanced insulation panels obtained by recycling regional sheep’s wool Daniela Bosia, Roberto Giordano, Lorenzo Savio 15
Abitare Mediterraneo Project. An example of synergy between research and construction Roberto Bologna 16
Architectural design and production beyond the rule of art Massimo Lauria, Francesca Giglio 17
CCCloud Casalgrande Ceramic Cloud. From production to project Luigi Alini 18
Re-Innovating. Technological research contribution in the recovery of Our Lady of Mercy Church in Baranzate Anna Mangiarotti, Ingrid Paoletti 19
Project for a renewable energy research centre Andrea Giachetta 20
The crisis in figures Ernesto Antonini, Giuseppe Primiceri 21

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