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Fine-scale patterns of vegetation assembly in the monitoring of changes in coastal sand-dune landscapes J. Honrado, J. Vicente, A. Lomba, P. Alves, J. A. Macedo, R. Henriques, H. Granja, F. B. Caldas 1
Germination traits of three weed species in Kosovo Arben Mehmeti, Adem Demaj, Rainer Waldhardt 2
Post-fire management and recovery of a pine forest in Greece Ioannis Spanos, Yannis Raftoyannis, Panagiotis Platis, Eleni Xanthopoulou 3
Structural analysis of mixed stands coming from natural regeneration and plantations after fire Thekla Tsitsoni, Marianthi Tsakaldimi, Evagelia Simeliadou, Maria Fouska 4
Resin production in natural Aleppo pine stands in northern Evia, Greece Ioannis Spanos, Dionysios Gaitanis 5
A systematic review of the recent ecological literature on cushion plants: champions of plant facilitation Anya M. Reid, Laurent J. Lamarque, Christopher J. Lortie 6
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